Zinc batteries

Reinventing tomorrow’s batteries

Why Zinc technologies ?

  • Because zinc is abundant

  • Because zinc is recyclable

  • Because zinc is non-toxic

  • Because zinc is safe

  • Because zinc is full of energy



Stationary energy storage

transport & mobility

Our expertise

Ni-Zn technology
safer, cheaper

Zn-MnO2 technology
reliable back-up

Zn-air technology
abundant & green


Our solutions

Let’s industrialize and commercialize with those who excel at it.

Key figures


50 years

Founded in 1969 (Battelle Genève), we boast more than 50 years of experience


60 Patents

and still counting !
>600 considering the international extensions


>500 research contracts

with the best R&D organizations


2 success stories

2 game-changing technological breakthroughs that transformed the field


2 industrial operations

bought by Duracell and Suez


1 technological transfer to Chilwee

world leader of the battery manufacture, for the industrialization of NiZn


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